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Online learning platform rewards students with laptops, cash prizes

Online learning platform, Teach Ours, has rewarded its students with laptops and cash prizes in its “Free for all” campaign.

The educational platform launched its “Free for all” campaign, offering students over 1000 courses free for 14 days.

Participants who completed the courses within the 14-day window were rewarded with cash prizes, internet pocket modems and laptops at the Prize Presentation Ceremony, which took place in Lagos on Saturday.

A total of 34 students were each rewarded with N20,000 and pocket modems, while four students were rewarded with an additional N50,000 and three students were rewarded with HP Laptops.

Speaking at the prize presentation ceremony, a director at Teach Ours, Timi Oromoni, commended the students for their perseverance in completing the courses, noting that many people had signed up for the free courses but were yet to complete them.

She said, “This is one of many initiatives to come. We offer over 1,300 courses in professional development and over 150 language courses. We started this initiative to get people to study and promote online education further by offering incentives for people to develop themselves. This was done in partnership with our partner, BA Education.

“Looking at our Nigerian participants, with the way things are going in the area of insecurity and also increased prices, especially in transportation, we decided to launch this initiative such that people can learn from the comfort of their homes for free. All that is needed is a device and internet connectivity.”

Oromoni added that Teach Ours was working to partner with organizations that can hire students upon completion of the courses.

Nollywood actress, Juliet Ibrahim, while speaking at the event, lauded Teach Ours for the initiative.

She said, “It’s not every day you see someone that is willing to invest in people and give gifts. You have to be able to lead people to find their way and purpose in life, and that can only be achieved through education, and this is what Teach Ours is doing. Kudos to the team.”

Ibrahim encouraged the students to take advantage of every opportunity in life and make the best use of it, emphasizing that education is key.

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